Looking for an easy way to improve reading skills?

This reading comprehension, skills and strategies resource unit was created by a certified English teacher and Reading Specialist with over ten years of teaching experience.

The unit is split into two parts: Reading Strategies and Reading Skills.

Reading Strategies sections:

*Setting a purpose for reading fiction

*Setting a purpose for reading nonfiction

*Reading comprehension strategies

Reading Skills sections:

*Main idea and details

*Point of view

*Author's purpose

*Cause and effect

*Determining theme

*Retelling and summarizing

*Fact and opinion

*Compare and contrast

*Sequence of events

*Identifying genre

*Figurative language


Sections include:

*Video lessons

*PowerPoints presentations

*Guided note sheets


*Practice activities

*Open-ended response

**The open-ended response can be emailed to the course instructor for feedback

Teacher Testimonial

Teacher Testimonial

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