What's in an essay?

Almost every students hates hearing the dreaded words...essay writing.


Essays are A LOT of work. It takes time to think about what to write, putting ideas into sentences and paragraphs, editing and revising at the end. Whew!

But, what if I told you there's a secret to making essay writing easier? AND it applies to any essay you write?

The secret is knowing the structure of an essay. Once you know and feel comfortable with this information, writing life will be much easier.

Essays are just a bunch of paragraphs with specific organization to help a writer communicate with an audience. By being familiar with the structure, you will be able to write effective essays for any class.

Task 1

*Watch the video

*Use the Essay Overview PowerPoint to complete the Guided Note Sheet

Before we dive into the specifics of each paragraph, take a second to check your understanding of the overall structure of an essay.

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